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Beth Scent Spray

Beth Scent Spray

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Beth scent spray A sweet and bitchy smell like beth and Yellowstone fragrant gardenia and American hibiscus enter twine with sweet jasmine fresh watery floral cyclamen. Then fresh green herbal sense harmoniously blend with subtle nuances of rose and sweet anise. With Virginia Cedarwood, warm amber and creamy vanilla unite and enhance the sweet floral accord.

* 1 oz bottle of our SPECIALLY FORMULATED scented oil.

* Use only 1-2 mists on the hair side of charm as needed.

* Customers love to mix scents and change scents on their charms.

* A bottle of over lasts a customer over a year

* Leather scents are heavier and spray more in a straight mist.

* Advise customers to take charm down and spray out of the car and rehang, DO NOT OVER SATURATE.